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Start your journey to a happier life
on one of these three paths


Explore the critically acclaimed materials

Get the Science of Happiness Kit, which includes the groundbreaking book, The Happiness Journey, and four topic workbooks.


Participate in a life-changing workshop experience

Choose the topic that interests you -- Emotions, Thoughts, Choices, Relationships -- or take them all in a "Four-in-One" workshop!


Earn your official certification in the science of happiness

Enhance your professional, personal, and social life by becoming a content expert, discussion leader, or development coach!


Bring the science of happiness to work

Transform the way your organization thinks, operates, and interacts with science of happiness workshops from Hapacus!

Meet the Scientists behind Hapacus.


The Happiness Journey puts the key discoveries from the science of happiness in your hands. The Hapacus Advisory Board is a collection of internationally recognized scientists whose research forms the foundation of The Happiness Journeyand whose guidance has influenced the growth of our organization.


Hover your cursor over a scientist below to learn more.

Meet the couple behind Hapacus.

Share Bob and Virginia's Journey.

Bob & Virginia's happiness journey began individually, escalated when they found each other, and took off when they discovered the science of happiness. They committed themselves to the belief that everyone deserves access to the science of happiness.

This belief gave birth to Hapacus. Watch their story on how devoting your life to what you believe in can be the hardest – and most rewarding – thing you will ever do.

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