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    Discover the science of happiness

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    Discover the science of happiness

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    Discover the science of happiness

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    Discover the science of happiness

Science of 
Happiness Kit

Searching for a happier, healthier life?  Start here, with the Science of Happiness Kit!  You will receive the groundbreaking new book The Happiness Journey and all four Hapacus workbooks: Emotions, Thoughts, Choices, and Relationships.  Get your Science of Happiness Kit today!

Science of Happiness Workshops

Interested in meeting people, discussing ideas, and taking action? Join a Hapacus workshop! Transform knowledge into long-lasting change through in-person or online workshops on five different topics: Emotions, Thoughts, Choices, Relationships, or all four.  Find a workshop today!

Science of Happiness

Earn your certification in the science of happiness! Hapacus is the world's leading provider of Science of Happiness Certification. Learn how to embed the principles of mental well-being in your work place, home, or community. Become a Specialist, Facilitator, or Trainer today!